Changes to SERTO Group’s shareholder structure

For age reasons and after many years, our two main shareholders Kurt Tanner and Umberto Dünki have retired from their involvement in our company to pave the way towards a stable and sustainable continuation of the company in the long run.

We are very pleased to inform that SERTO Group has managed to convince EGS Beteiligungen AG, a Swiss investor with a focus on long-term commitments, to take over the shares of the previous shareholders on 1 January 2024. Together with the other proprietors, Kurt Bolliger and Andreas Mühlthaler, they will shape the future of SERTO Group.

EGS Beteiligungen AG (https://www.egs-beteiligungen.ch) is an associated company owned by Ernst Göhner Stiftung (www.ernst-goehner-stiftung.ch). From its Zurich headquarters, it invests in first-rate Swiss industrial and service companies with the aim of advancing them autonomously and with a long-term perspective. It places value in responsible corporate management. A reasonable portion of the profits harvested from its associated companies are transferred to Ernst Göhner Stiftung for the financing of philanthropic projects. EGS Beteiligungen AG and SERTO Group share the same values and an interest in extremely long-term planning.

The excellent market position of SERTO Group, its highly efficient workforce and the values driving its company culture were the factors behind EGS Beteiligungen AG’s decision to invest in our company. In a joint effort with the other shareholders Kurt Bolliger and Andreas Mühlthaler, EGS Beteiligungen AG will keep our company moving forward. The four highly motivated Managing Directors will lead SERTO Group towards further innovation.

We thank Umberto Dünki and Kurt Tanner for the fantastic work they did in setting up and promoting SERTO Group and look forward to a successful cooperation with the new shareholder. Our company will retain its strategic commitment to providing our customers with best-in-class products and services and to being a stable and supportive working environment for our employees.

We absolutely cherish your trust in SERTO Group.

Kind regards

General Management

Kurt Bolliger (CFO), Andreas Mühlthaler (CEO), Frederik Hombach (COO), Norbert Kern (CTO) Kurt Bolliger (CFO), Andreas Mühlthaler (CEO), Frederik Hombach (COO), Norbert Kern (CTO)