SERTO Group locations around the world

The expert network for tube union technology

The SERTO Group is made up of eight companies around the world.

The headquarters are located in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

We have our own sales companies in Germany, France and Italy.

We produce unions and components in our own production facilities in the Czech Republic and Italy.

EXMAR GmbH in Germany and EXMAR China Limited are subsidiaries of the SERTO Group

that also market our range of products and DIN unions under the EXMAR brand.

SERTO Group in figures

SERTO Group in figures

Each year....

  • we process 1250 tonnes of stainless steel
  • we produce 6 million turned parts and 1 million moulded parts from stainless steel blanks
  • we require 220 km seamless stainless steel pipes
  • we process 800 tonnes of brass
  • we produce 15 million turned parts and 1.5 million moulded parts from brass blanks
  • we ship almost 50,000 packages across the world
  • we serve over 6000 customers from around the world

SERTO AG, Frauenfeld / CH

Group headquarters, development, production, warehouse and sales

Frauenfeld, the capital of the canton of Thurgau, is the headquarters of the SERTO Group as well as SERTO AG. Frauenfeld is located between Zurich and Lake Constance, straight off the A1/A7 motorway and just 30 minutes from Zurich Kloten airport.

The departments responsible for the SERTO Group, such as management, research and development, design and laboratory, sales, product management, marketing and purchasing, as well as the entire production of bent, assembled tubes and mounted assemblies, are located here at the headquarters.


Langfeldstrasse 117
CH-8500 Frauenfeld
Tel. +41 52 368 11 11

SERTO GmbH, Kassel / DE


SERTO GmbH has been part of the SERTO Group since 1993. The sales company is located in Kassel, in the geographical heart of Germany, and is well connected by both motorways and public transport. The employees in Kassel are responsible for all SERTO-brand sales in Germany.


Falderbaumstrasse 41
D-34123 Kassel
Tel. +49 561 58004-0

SERTO S.A.R.L., Ferrières en Brie / FR


SERTO S.A.R.L. was founded in 1987 as SERTO’s first sales company. An experienced and knowledgeable sales team is responsible for selling SERTO and EXMAR products in France.


13, avenue Joseph Paxton - Bât A
P.A. du Bel Air
F-77164 Ferrières en Brie
Tel. +33 1 64 30 38 38

SERTO Italiana S.r.l., Brembate di Sopra / IT

Production and sales

SERTO Italiana was founded as a sales company in 2004.

In 2014, the production facility in Brembate was integrated into the SERTO Group and the two companies were merged at this location at the beginning of 2021.

An experienced and competent team is responsible for the sale of SERTO and EXMAR products in Italy and manufactures brass and aluminium turned parts. The main customer for production is the SERTO Group, and turned parts of varying complexity are also supplied to third-party customers.

SERTO Italiana S.r.l.

Via Lesina, 13
I-24030 Brembate di Sopra (BG)
Tel. +39 035 333 000

SERTO CZ s.r.o., Klatovy / CZ


SERTO CZ has been part of the SERTO Group since 2008. SERTO CZ produces turned stainless steel parts for SERTO and EXMAR. Furthermore, SERTO CZ is well-equipped for and specialised in the manufacturing of Jacoflon hoses.

SERTO CZ s.r.o.

Čertovka 883
CZ-339 01 Klatovy
Tel. +420 376 320 277

EXMAR GmbH, Bad Nauheim / DE


EXMAR GmbH has been providing specialist stainless steel union technology solutions since 1976. Their products include cutting and compression ferrule unions in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353, ball valves, valves, hose fittings and customised solutions for pipe union technology. EXMAR GmbH was taken over by the SERTO Group in 2002, and in 2014 the warehouse and production facilities were moved to SERTO in Switzerland. An experienced and highly skilled team is responsible for the sale of EXMAR products in Germany and the EU.


Am Taubenbaum
D-61231 Bad Nauheim
Tel. +49 6032 86986-0

EXMAR China Ltd. Shanghai / CN

Sales and logistics

The sales company EXMAR China Ltd. was founded as a SERTO Group subsidiary in 2016. A large and extensive warehouse in Shanghai ensures fast deliveries. Our enthusiastic sales team serves customers all over China.

EXMAR China Ltd.

Room 5168 in Unit 5101 (actual Room 4568 in Unit 4501),
No. 268 Middle Xizang Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200003
Tel. +86 21 5041 0190