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The healthcare industry is incredibly technology-focused and is subject to numerous regulatory requirements. High-quality technology and reliable laboratory equipment are the basis for quick and accurate diagnoses.

We provide smart products and technologies for the healthcare industry. SERTO components and systems can be found in medical diagnosis systems, treatment systems, laboratory equipment and medical technology. The range of applications extends from analysers to bioreactors and sterilisers. Many years of experience in system design and optimisation coupled with comprehensive expertise in (bio)pharmaceutical standards and processes make SERTO your perfect product and development partner.

Case stories from customers in the healthcare industry

Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH

Sartorius Stedim Systems GmbH

“SERTO also supports us in optimising our processes. In this way, we have been able to reduce assembly times with jointly developed assemblies and also reduce assembly costs. We would certainly recommend SERTO as a competent and reliable partner.”

VWR International

VWR International srl

“We are incredibly satisfied with the new Pinocchio. Because it is made entirely of stainless steel, we can now meet the needs of our pharmaceutical customers, who want an easy-to-clean, disinfectant-resistant unit. Thanks to SERTO’s involvement, we were not only able to make a product completely out of stainless steel, but we also had the opportunity to make it more compact and functional.”


Melag oHG Medizintechnik

“Due to the radial dismantling option and the high product quality, SERTO unions are among our first choice when it comes to providing a wide range of media supply solutions.”

SERTO products
OX stainless steel unions, Jacoflon hose lines with Triclamp connections, manifolds

Place of use
Fermentation facilities, bioreactors
SERTO products
Special stainless steel body with integrated stainless steel ball valves and quick connectors

Place of use
Air samplers for compressed gas

SERTO products
Individual components and fittings from the brass M series

Place of use
During sterilisation, saturated water vapour must be fed into the process and condensate must be discharged



“For more than 40 years, our technicians and customers have appreciated the particularly simple and convenient assembly of SERTO unions, especially when compared to other compression ferrule union systems. With SERTO, we can assemble more easily and more quickly, and save up to 40% more time. In addition, radial SERTO unions considerably reduce the effort required when fitting piping, as no compensating bends are required.”

Wesemann GmbH

Wesemann GmbH

“The close cooperation and proximity to the customer led us to achieve the special requirements placed on us in this project with SERTO. Implementation involved a special solution on both sides.”

SERTO products
Brass unions

Place of use

SERTO products
PVDF unions and PTFE hoses are electrically conductive

Place of use
Vacuum installations in laboratory lines

Discover the wide range of our products and the variety of our materials

Our tube union components have specific properties for the healthcare sector. And we also provide additional services.

Tube bending instead of welding: more cost-effective, flow-optimised, no dead space and less susceptible to corrosion

  • Electropolished tubes and flow loops for fine internal surfaces
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Lubricant-free
  • OX applications for oxygen use

Industry-specific approvals and confirmations

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • USP class VI


System solutions (Project Engineering)

System solutions

The SERTO Project Engineering Team develops, optimises and produces individual system solutions with and for our customers. The spectrum is broad and ranges from simple curved tubes to complex assemblies and applications – specifically tailored to your requirements.
Ready-to-install pipelines and kits

Ready-to-install tubing and kits

We produce over 150,000 metres of metal tubes – every single year! We bend and press the majority of these with unions, valves, ball valves or couplings from the SERTO range.

Bending tubes

Bending tubes

When it comes to bending tubes, SERTO has fully automatic, CNC-controlled bending machines that are optimally equipped for diameter ranges of up to 60 mm and an operating radius of six metres.

Further Services

We also provide...

  • Batch traceability: 3.1 certificates
  • Customised testing equipment (helium leakage test, bending fatigue strength, flow, vibration, burst pressure, climate and much more)
  • Orbital welding: Welding takes place automatically under supply of shielding gas with residual oxygen measurement. This ensures pipes and entire assemblies are welded to the highest quality

Industry expertise

Industry expertise

You can rely on our product and material skills!

Our experts can provide targeted support ...

  • with comprehensive expertise in (bio)pharmaceutical standards
    and processes
  • in selecting suitable products, materials and processing steps
  • in developing tailored systems that meet your requirements
  • in managing and coordinating your system project, from the
    initial idea through to series production