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The high-tech industry is incredibly focused on technology and producing high-tech components is subject to the strictest manufacturing standards. The high pressure to innovate and the rapid pace of innovation are characteristic of cutting-edge technology.

We support product innovation in the high-tech sector with smart products and technologies. SERTO components and systems are supplied to the semiconductor industry and to manufacturers of lasers and analysis equipment. Many years of experience in system design and optimisation coupled with comprehensive services such as the cleaning system and clean room make SERTO your perfect product and development partner.

Case stories from customers in the high-tech industry



“We chose SERTO connectors because of their reliability – especially their tightness –, their small size and, last but not least, their ease of use.”

SERTO poducts
PVDF unions and brass manifolds

Place of use
Media transport in particle detectors and particle accelerators

Discover the wide range of products and variety of materials

Our tube union components have specific properties for applications in the high-tech sector. We also provide additional services.

  • High purity – ISO Class 8 clean room
  • Electropolished tubes and flow loops for fine internal surfaces
  • Tube bending instead of welding: more cost-effective, flow-optimised, no dead space and less susceptible to corrosion
  • Lubricant-free

Industry-specific approvals and confirmations

  • ISO Class 8 clean room
  • Product purity in accordance with ASTM G93 (Level B)


Cleaning (clean room)


Unions or valves that are used in applications where surfaces in contact with media are subject to high cleanliness requirements are cleaned in the cleaning plant and packaged in the ISO Class 8 clean room.


We build for you and provide full service for everything related to your assembly. Professional installation for the safety of your system is guaranteed. We also take care of the planning, production and entire distribution for you. 
System solutions (Project Engineering)

System solutions

The SERTO Project Engineering Team develops, optimises and produces individual system solutions. The spectrum is broad and ranges from simply curved tubes to complex assemblies and applications – specifically tailored to your requirements.
Further services

We also provide...

  • Batch traceability – 3.1 certificates
  • Tube bending, welding, cleaning and assembly
  • Orbital welding
  • Customised testing equipment (helium leakage test, bending fatigue strength, flow, vibration, burst pressure, climate and much more)

Industry expertise and know-how

Industry expertise and know-how

You can rely on our product and material skills!

Our experts can provide targeted support ...

  • in selecting suitable products, materials and processing steps
  • in supplying and assembling ready-to-use assemblies – even for small batch sizes
  • in developing tailored applications and system projects with our extensive expertise
    in core technologies