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Start your vocational training with SERTO.

We train young people in Switzerland in sales, construction, IT and logistics.

If you like, you can obtain your vocational school-leaving certificate as you train.

Education as an IT technician

You will learn to build and maintain IT systems. You will ensure that all systems are available at all times.

Education as a designer

As a designer, you will be developing and making components, assemblies or complete devices, machines and systems.

Education as a Polymechanic / Production mechanic

You will learn about the diversity of mechanics, from production and final assembly to the mechanical maintenance of machines.

Education as a salesman/woman

Training as a saleswoman or a salesman involves administrative and organisational duties.

Education as a logistics officer

As a logistics officer, you are responsible for ensuring products are stored correctly and deliveries are prepared in a timely manner.

In our apprentices’ own words...

Silas Heller, IT Technician

Vocational training at SERTO meant I could turn my hobby into a career. The work is very diverse and my duties extend far beyond providing IT support. I also enjoy being in contact with employees in various different departments. My training as an IT technician lasts 4 years.

Mathujan Tharmarajah, Logistics Officer

I really appreciate the way all employees enjoy their work and how they work hand-in-hand together. After I’d taken the lie of the land, that made the decision to do my training here easier. I am taking a 3-year logistics course.

Patrick Wegmüller, Salesman

I am taking a 3-year course to be a salesman, which will serve as good basic training for subsequent steps in my career. My favourite part is the variety of being able to work in different departments. I am also working with fellow trainees and trainers, who are on hand to give me all the information I need. I really appreciate that.

Nikola Paliq, Design Engineer

As a designer, I have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions, which can vary greatly depending on the customer or the problem. I then draw and design the parts, which requires a lot of perseverance and commitment. The apprenticeship as a design engineer lasts 4 years.

Joel Hertig, Salesman

I'm training to be a salesman in three years and I really appreciate the fact that the skills I'm learning will also be useful later in life. I receive good support from the trainers and the company.

Laura Di Marco, Saleswoman

I am training to be a saleswoman and am in the final year of my course. If you want to learn an exciting job, put your feelers out here and apply. It has been worth it for me, and I thoroughly well-prepared for the labour market. My training takes 3 years.

Want to find out what working for us is like?

Choosing a career

Are you a student in your final year at secondary school in Frauenfeld? We would like to invite you to SERTO and help you choose a career. Spend two hours with us and get an initial glimpse at our firm and the training programmes we offer.

National Future Day

Do you have any relatives working at SERTO? If so, we invite you to spend Future Day with us. You can learn about the different departments in SERTO in the morning, then spend the afternoon with your relative as they work.

Trial Days

We offer the opportunity to do trial days with us at any time of the year. These typically last 2 days and let you get a very specific idea of the duties and responsibilities in the profession you intend to learn. At the end of this period, you will have formed an impression of us, and we of you. Trial days are a prerequisite if you subsequently want to apply to train at SERTO.


You can also spend one day with us as a taster at any time. This gives you the chance to get to know the company and learn about the training profile. We look forward to meeting you.

Apply to a training programme now

Apply to a training programme now

Would you like to become part of SERTO? Then join us and begin your career with us. Please send your complete application documents by e-mail to:


Note: Please send PDF files only. Thank you!


You can also apply by post, to:

Human Resources
Langfeldstrasse 117
8500 Frauenfeld