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Energy demand and the importance of electricity as an energy source are increasing worldwide. Energy production and distribution are in a state of upheaval. Wind and solar energy are steadily gaining in importance. Grid security, volatility in the availability of renewable energy and the proliferation of small, decentralised energy systems pose new challenges for the industry.

We provide smart products and technologies for the energy sector. SERTO components and systems can be found in wind turbines, solar power plants and inverters. The cooling of power electronics and the generation and conversion of hydrogen are important fields of application. The variety of materials and products as well as many years of experience in system design and system optimisation make SERTO your perfect product and development partner.

Case stories from customers in the energy industry

Horiba Europe GmbH

Horiba Europe GmbH

“SERTO PVDF unions are uncomplicated and can be used in many different areas. The tightness of the unions and the quick availability mean they are the first choice for our company.”

Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau

Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau

“SERTO unions can be used efficiently in plant construction for decades and are reliable in operation.”

WIKA  Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

WIKA - Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

“The stainless steel-coated Teflon hose (Jacoflon) in particular is of excellent quality. This ensures optimum measurement quality without measurement errors. The brass unions are available in a wide range of sizes. This enables us to save space and costs in design.”
SERTO products
PVDF and PA unions

Place of use
Measurement technology for environmental technology in the fields of air pollution control, emissions, process measurement technology and water analysis
SERTO products
Brass unions, prefabricated copper cables, special shaped and turned parts

Place of use
Process lines
SERTO products
Brass unions, Jacoflon

Place of use
SF6 breaker analyser (a compact analyser for measuring SF6 percentage, moisture and decomposition products (SO2)).

Discover the wide range of our products and the variety of our materials

Our tube union components have specific properties for applications in the energy sector. And we also provide additional services.

  • Resistance to changing external influences (temperature, air composition, humidity)
  • PVDF, which is non-electrically conductive and high-frequency stable, for cooling with ultrapure water or water-glycol mixtures
  • PVDF manifolds
  • Stainless steel for applications subject to thermal loads
  • Aluminium for cooling plates



Hydrogen and fuel cells are regarded as key energy sources on the way to a global emission-free future for climate-neutral industrial production, heat generation and mobility.

Hydrogen can penetrate even the smallest openings. Pipelines for the small-molecule gas must therefore be made of suitable materials and fitted with components that are highly leak-proof.

Gas tightness and leakage resistance are the two most important performance criteria for fittings. We offer clever products and technologies for all applications in the hydrogen industry.

The SERTO Group offers several ranges of fittings made of high-quality stainless steel in various grades. EXMAR and SERTO components and systems can be found in electrolysers, fuel cells and H2 sensors.


Pressures up to 350 bar


Hydrogen, methanol, ammonia

Temperature range

Temperatures from -40°C to +120°C

Industry-specific approvals and confirmations

  • EC 79


Ready-to-use assemblies

Ready-to-use assemblies

We provide full service for everything related to your assembly. We build for you and guarantee professional installation for the safety of your system. We also take care of the planning, production and entire distribution for you.  
System solutions (Project Engineering)

System solutions

The SERTO Project Engineering Team develops, optimises and produces individual system solutions with and for our customers. The spectrum is broad and ranges from simple curved tubes to complex assemblies and applications – specifically tailored to your requirements.
Further Services

We also provide...

  • Sealing options (materials of O-rings, e.g. EPDM for methanol)
  • Testing equipment (helium leakage test, bending fatigue strength, flow, vibration, burst pressure, climate and much more)

Industry expertise and know-how

Industry expertise und know-how

You can rely on our product and material skills!

Our experts can provide targeted support ...

  • with comprehensive expertise in energy processes
  • in selecting and combining suitable products and materials
  • in managing and coordinating your system project, from the initial idea
    through to series production