IRIS certification for applications in the railway Industry

IRIS, the "International Railway Industry Standard", is an internationally applicable requirement for the quality management systems of railway manufacturers and their suppliers. The SERTO Group successfully passed the certification process in summer 2023.

The European Rail Supply Industry Association (UNIFE) in Brussels has worked closely with leading railway system manufacturers to develop internationally applicable requirements for the quality management systems of railway manufacturers and their suppliers, in the form of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). IRIS incorporates all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and has been supplemented with additional criteria from railway operators and rolling stock manufacturers.

SERTO and EXMAR on board
The transportation industry is an important and promising sector for the SERTO Group. Components and systems from SERTO and EXMAR have been used in trains and wagons throughout Europe for many years, and increasingly in Asia as well.

Expansion of market position
Obtaining IRIS certification, which ensures better quality along the entire supply chain and reduces supplier selection risks, was therefore a logical and crucial step in strengthening and enhancing our market position. The certification audit was conducted at the SERTO Group’s locations in the summer of 2023, and we received the good news in July: all standard requirements had been met. SERTO and EXMAR were now officially allowed to display the IRIS certificate. 
IRIS Zertifizierung für Anwendungen in der Bahnindustrie