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Saskia Schmid, Logistics Department Head

"I really appreciate the way I can blossom at SERTO and how my ideas and wishes are taken seriously."

"As logistics department head, I am responsible for the processes, planning and organisation of logistics. In my role, every day is different, and I find that very enjoyable. The fact that I can also get involved in day-to-day business when we are one person short means I still feel at the forefront of the action.

I started on a team at a manufacturing station, where I worked for four years. I then moved into logistics. My further training as an HF engineer and an internal change in management gave me the opportunity to hit the ground running as a department head.

It was wonderful to see, especially for me as a woman, that I was being rated by my performance instead of by my age and gender. I really appreciate the way I can blossom at SERTO and how my ideas and wishes are taken seriously.

Team spirit and the motivation of all employees in logistics is priceless, which ultimately meant that I have never regretted taking the step to becoming department head for one moment.

Michael Schellenbaum, Key Account Manager

"Today, I particularly like the way I can work internally with many departments within the SERTO Group."

I am now the cornerstone for my German- and English-speaking customers. As a Key Account Manager, I love working in close proximity with customers so I can respond to all their needs. I take pride in seeing my customers’ various requests all the way through from the beginning to the delivery of the finished product or the corresponding product application.

My own personal path to success at SERTO began when I trained in sales. After my studies and my military service, I began in product management as a junior project manager. Taking a BSc. at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZFH), majoring in general management, was my springboard into key account management.

Today, I particularly like the way I can work internally with many departments within the SERTO Group.

Of course, my natural sense of ambition helped me along the way, but, at the end of the day, it was the combination of opportunities for further training and the treasure-trove of knowledge born of many years’ affiliation that made the difference. This helps me understand the technical aspects of SERTO’s product ranges and their potential applications.

Diana Rentsch, Production Team Leader

"Being at the heart of the action is fantastic. I was able to set up my own manufacturing station within the production department."

As the team leader of a major manufacturing station in the production department, I love the variety of the planning and organisational work involved. My boss saw my potential right from the start and was already following my progress at my previous job when he recruited me.

My journey began as a reserve pool employee in the production department. I adapted to the routine quickly and loved the work right from the start. I quickly acquired the relevant product knowledge and found it easy to optimise and monitor the processes. Soon after that, I was given another opportunity, when the production department expanded and allowed me to create my own manufacturing station.

Managing my team, thinking ahead and planning the work is what drives me, and I also really like the level of cooperation at SERTO. Being in the heart of the action is where I feel most at home, and always being there for my team is naturally part of that for me.

I feel completely comfortable as a woman in the team leader role and am delighted that my boss placed his trust in me from the outset.

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