CNC tube bending technology

Working steps before bending

Our bending competence starts with our modern and automated storage technologies. In the paternosters in Frauenfeld, over 60 tons of untreated, 6 m long tubes made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, steel and brass with outside diameters of 1.59 mm to 60 mm are waiting to be assembled.

Our machinery includes fully automatic carbide circular saws which are based on the latest technology and convince through efficiency and precision. With them we carry out saw cuts on our precision tubes within the narrowest tolerances (accuracy of ± 0.2 mm), with a maximum output of 3000 cuts per hour.

The tube ends are deburred and chamfered manually or fully automatically, up to 2000 pieces per hour. Depending on the requirements, the cutting operations are followed by threading, recessing, turning or cross drilling. Before bending, the tubes are cleaned for the first time. If required, pipes can be treated in cleaning baths for an oil- and grease-free surface.

CNC tube bending centre

SERTO has a well-equipped machine park for bending tubes. The fully automatic, CNC-controlled bending machines are optimally equipped for diameter ranges of up to 60 mm and an operating radius of 6 m. The bending machines are equipped with a wide range of functions. Almost all bending geometries can be produced with the 10 machining axes. SERTO has its own tool, jig and gauge shop for demanding bending geometries.

Optical tube measuring apparatus

The heart of the bending center is the non-contact measuring system with state-of-the-art measuring technology for absolute process reliability. Three-dimensional bent pipelines can be easily measured up to a length of 6 meters. The measuring system makes it possible to read in sample pipes in a few seconds and to transfer this geometry data for a 1:1 (copy/illustration) to our tube bending centre. Thus, the bending machines can also be readjusted during ongoing production. Storage of sample tubes is no longer necessary.