System optimisations

Would you like to optimise your system? We offer reliable advice with our extensive experience in system development. Our solutions are based on a precise analyse of your products and show possible potential for optimisation. Is your system suitable for series production? Can production assembly or manufacture be simplified? Our experienced project managers can write a requirement specification with you and accompany each step of the cooperation.


We would like to show you an example of a system optimisation process:

Step 1:

Our customer came to us with the following idea: he wanted to distribute a fluid from a conveying unit to two containers. The key area of focus is a control valve. Connection points and the valve are specified. The customer would like to implement the solution with SERTO products.

Step 2:

To guarantee the seal of the individual unions and a uniform screw-in depth of the assembly even after repeated assemblies, we exchanged the conical screw-in threads for cylindrical ones with sealing edges.

Step 3:

In the next step, we have replaced the angle unions by bent pipes. This significantly reduces the number of sealing points.

Step 4:

The final version uses a soldering assembly which also eliminates the central T union. The customer receives this assembly in ready-to-fit condition.


The graphs clearly show how costs, assembly time, number of sealing points and number of articles to be managed have changed in the course of the project to the benefit of the customer.

Examples of system optimisations

back: assembly before optimization
front: compact solution with manifold