From the implementation of an idea

CAD support

You have an idea? We support you in the implementation. A first step is the visualization and evaluation in our CAD program. We define components, assemble them to form an assembly. All final dimensions are visible.

Simulation tests

The CAD programs offer simulated functional tests, for example force and flow simulations, which help the designer to test his component in the application. As the basis of a component analysis, invisible constructive optimizations can be carried out before a prototype is even created. In a tube, friction occurs on the inner surface of the jacket, which counteracts the medium as a force and brakes it accordingly. In couplings and valves in particular, this pressure loss is extremely increased by deflections, rib constructions and edges in the component. Everywhere the flow velocity of the medium changes. This leads to pressure differences, which we naturally want to reduce or at best avoid.


Due to the high initial costs for the injection moulded parts, we have prototypes made of new plastic articles and test them extensively.

Rapid prototyping is a process for the rapid production of sample components on the basis of 3D design data. The workpiece is constructed layer by layer from formless or neutral material. There are three different processes for prototyping: selective laser sintering (SLS), 3D printing and stereolithography (STL). At our machining center in Frauenfeld, Germany, we manufacture prototypes for both metallic and plastic products.

All processes support our designers in a quick evaluation of their ideas and guarantee our customers functional solutions. And all this within the shortest possible time and at optimum costs.