Process optimisations

Even when the product is appropriate, there may be potential for optimisation in your process. Optimisation looks at the following questions: When, how often and which amounts do you order? How many material numbers and suppliers are you managing? How many enquiries are you making and how many invoices are you writing? How high is the value of your stored goods? Let us help you to optimise your organisational effort and financial expenses.

We are happy to show you examples of process optimisations:

Compilation of sets

You order the sets from SERTO which have already been packaged for your application. All the SERTO components that you need for a device are compiled in one package. You use one specific material number for this. You simplify your ordering process and warehouse management and avoid remaining stocks of component.

Fitting of assemblies

SERTO supplies you with the full, pre-mounted sub-assemblies. We not only have the capacity for this, but also the machine support. Purchasing pre-assembly devices is hardly viable for a small series, but we use them every day. In this way, we guarantee you specialist assembly for the safety of your installation.

Process-driven delivery of kits

We package and store your kits, consisting of several assemblies or pre-assembled lines in accordance with your requirements. When you start assembly, SERTO supplies the kits to you in pre-defined batch sizes. Ready to fit. This will take the strain off your warehouse and finances as you only pay on delivery. We create collective invoices on a weekly or monthly basis.