Logistics offers

Warehouse production

SERTO has a high-bay warehouse with space for 3,000 pallets. All catalogue products are stored here as individual parts. We only assemble them in the event of an order. Exceptions to this are products in frequent demand, for which we store the sub-assemblies.  This enables SERTO to deliver on short notice. You benefit from the high availability of our products.

Labelling with customer numbers

If required by your production process, we label and package your goods in accordance with your instructions. We store your individual material numbers.

Delivery schedules

You can agree delivery schedules with us for recurring requirements. You therefore avoid fluctuations in the material price and benefit from optimised prices for large production quantities. The goods which have been pre-produced and stored for you can be called off in small amounts within 12 months.


SERTO assumes responsibility for the complete logistics of parts produced and delivered. The KANBAN system has been used as a just-in-time delivery system for many years, especially in C and B parts management with specifically defined, recurring products, which are commonly involve large quantities. SERTO travels to its customers once a week, collects empty transport containers and delivers these re-filled again a week later.

Consignment warehouse

If you choose SERTO as your preferred supplier and the purchase quantities permit this, we offer you the possibility of consignment storage. We stock a warehouse with our products for you which you can access at any time. We only charge for the product when you have taken it from stock. This guarantees you maximum flexibility.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Increase the efficiency of your communication and order processing and discuss the possibility of an EDI connection with us. Your orders can be transferred directly to our system and you will receive shipping documents and invoices in electronic format.