Straight tubes

Individual tube materials

Are you looking for special tube qualities for your application? Get in touch. We store over 20,000 m of high-quality tubes made from a wide range of materials in our modern tube warehouse. In addition to our standard range of stainless steel, copper, aluminium and steel, we can also offer and process tubes made from other stainless steel alloys and materials. We have experience in various projects with Monel®, Hastelloy® and SMO® tubes, for example.

Individual tube dimensions

We store tube dimensions in the warehouse which are matched to our unions. Do you need a special tube dimension? There are always some tube diameters and wall thicknesses which we do not list in our catalogues. We can decide together whether to purchase these tubes for you, or whether we can offer you a less expensive solution.

Individual tube qualities

Do you need a tube with a specific surface quality? We can also help you with this. We clean, chrome plate, electro-polish or coat our tubes.

Examples of pre-assembled tubes

Tube with mitre cut

Tubes with various diameters

Corrugated tube with brass unions

Tube with heat insulating hose