Avoid unnecessary weight!

Alternative materials

SERTO offers a range of unions in six materials. Our plastic or aluminium products are worth considering in weight-critical applications with normal pressure requirements. You may also consider thin-walled tubes for which we recommend the use of supporting sleeves. Let us advise you which products and combinations may be an alternative for you.


Stainless steel unions weigh 2.5 times more than comparable aluminium unions, and even 3 times more than corresponding PVDF unions. You can save an enormous amount of weight if permitted by your application parameters.

Smaller unions

Due to the fact the tubes do not go into the base section of SERTO unions, but stop before it, the base sections of SERTO unions are smaller than those of cone unions. Smaller nuts belong to smaller base sections. The dimensions are reflected in the weight; the smaller SERTO unions are lighter. This is a significant advantage for applications involving accelerations, such as in robotics.


SERTO stainless steel unions are 20 % lighter than the comparable clamping ring unions.

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