Save valuable time!

Radial assembly (dismantling)

Thanks to their end face, SERTO unions can be directly installed in a radial manner in a tube system without the tubes needing to be shifted, bent or dismantled. Even in the case of a service, your technician will only loosen the unions positioned directly on the module in order to remove them.

Installing pre-assembled tubes into a system reduces production times. Only a few nuts need to be loosened in the event of a service, which reduces stoppages.

High delivery capability

We are the right choice if you need things to run smoothly and quickly. We stock all of the catalogue items, sometimes pre-assembled. When you place your order, the unions only need to be packed and dispatched and will be with you in the shortest possible time. And if you want to place your order outside of our opening hours, you can do so easily via our Online Shop.


Automated support

Do you have smaller series that you would like to assemble? How would it be if we loaned you a SERTO pre-assembly device for a period of up to 3 months? You could still benefit from a pre-assembly device even if purchasing one at the moment is out of the question. Let us advise you in this matter.

With our SERTOtool and SERTOspeed pre-assembly devices, you can reduce assembly times by around 60 %, not to mention the effort required! Mechanical pre-assembly with the pressures specified by us makes your tube unions safe.

Links to products in our Online Shop

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