Save space in your application!

Radial assembly (dismantling)

The shortest of all fittings is straight!
By having a fitting via end faces instead of cones, means that all components screwed in using SERTO products can be removed in a radial manner from the line system. No expansion bends are required, and lines can be routed with the smallest possible space requirements.

The gas tank diagram shows the optimum line routing. Straight, cost-effective, easy to install and with excellent flow rates. The alternative with cone fittings can only be removed from the system using expensive line routing. Space requirements are significantly higher.

Line routing with SERTO unions

Line routing with cone unions

Smaller spanner sizes

With regard to SERTO unions, the body elements are systematically smaller than those used for cone unions. This also applies to the associated nuts. Saving just a few millimetres can make a big difference, and can be particularly important in cramped conditions. More lines can be installed in parallel in the same space.

Smaller tools can also be used for smaller unions. The space required for assembly purposes can be reduced by up to 50 % if using SERTO.

Reduction compression ferrule

The standard clamping ring in the nut can be changed to a reduction compression ferrule so that you can connect tubes with a smaller diameter using the existing union. The installation dimensions remain identical. Compared to the alternative, which uses reduction unions, the solution with the reduction compression ferrule offers other advantages: fewer sealing points and significantly less space requirement, also in the warehouse.

A reduction compression ferrule that reduces the connection by up to two sizes replaces the complete reduction union. This therefore ensures 50 % space-saving!

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Reduction compression ferrule
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Reduction compression ferrule
Stainless steel SO 50001 RED

Reduction compression ferrule
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