Rely on safe installation!

Assembly to stops

All SERTO unions have a tightening limit stop indicating to the installer that the assembly has been completed. This limit is designed as a stop in the case of the stainless steel SOL series. It is assembled until it cannot move any further and an optimal fitting is established.

Overassembly is excluded. You assemble up to the stop, no matter what type of tube or hose you connect. The safety of the connections is enormously increased and the risk of leaks is eliminated.

Repeat assemblies

In terms of its design, the SERTO compression ferrule resets itself easily. After the union has been removed, the compression ferrule releases its tension and can be freely rotated on the tube. With the repeat assembly, the compression ferrule is crimped tightly to the tube again and creates a reliable seal.

There are customers who have successfully completed more than 100 repeat assemblies on a single union.

Assembly instructions

SERTO unions are easy to install and do not require any specialised tools. All you need is a spanner or a SERTO pre-assembly device. The tube is cut to size, fed into the supplied pre-assembled union until it reaches the stop and tightened 1 ¾ rotations with a standard spanner - and you are ready to go! This also applies to all SERTO plastic or metal unions, regardless of the size. Installers will be able to feel when the required number of rotations has been reached without having to count along. The assembly instructions are included in every pack.

No uncertainty or having to think about it anymore: 1 ¾ rotations for initial assembly, single approach for all SERTO unions.

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