Gain security in your operations!

Metallic seal

SERTO unions achieve extremely low leak rates regardless of the temperature and media used, as they do not employ soft sealing materials. Soft sealing materials can be replaced, harden over time or settle. Not using soft sealing materials is therefore the right choice for many applications.

Our unions are characterised by the fact that the seals do not wear, there is no risk of not having replacement seals in stock or of using the wrong material.

Vibration resistance

The metric fine thread of SERTO connecting nuts has proven to be self-locking and has excellent vibration strength. The nuts will not loosen even in the event of shocks or vibrations. As a genuine compression ferrule fitting, the SERTO union will not damage the tube or hose during assembly. The full wall thickness is retained.

No risk of the tube getting damaged or the nuts loosening on their own during operation. SERTO unions sit tightly on the tube and remain firmly in place.