Maintain your flexibility!

SERTO modules

SERTO modules provide an extremely flexible range of solutions which only require small numbers of parts. Instead of having several complete unions, all that is required i a few adapters, joints, nipples or reduction clamping rings. Our adjustable unions, whose plugs you can use to configure the direction of the connection prior to assembly, can be used to replace a much more expensive solution using standard unions and an intermediate tube section. This means you not only save space in your application, but also in your warehouse.

Small number of additional parts provide you with countless new connection options. They are flexible in connection size and in the connection thread.

Adjustable unions

Do you need to lay rigid tubes at a variety of individually adjustable angles? Use an adjustable male adapter with a plug as an extremely short connection with an adjustable direction. When screwed into a component, it can be used to align the installed union. Tube stubs are the shortest possible connection between two unions and can be used to replace a tube that has been cut to size. When combined with a standard elbow union, they provide a connection which can be realigned. Using a single union is more efficient than this option: adjustable unions with a plug. These items are available in a number of different dimensions.

You will find adjustable unions in all materials in the catalogue range, including those that can be assembled in a radial manner.


Do you want to revise a line and shut it down in the meantime? A plug can be inserted in each union instead of a compression ferrule of the same size and closes the relevant outlet. This makes sense when pipe lines are only used for a limited time, e.g. for cleaning or measurements.

Plugs securely close lines that are no longer required.

Sealing materials

We mostly assemble unions for the first time when you place your order. This therefore makes it possible for us to respond to your wishes and adjust the sealing material. The medium used is key here, please observe our resistance lists


  • NBR = brass, PA – temperature range -30°C to +100°C
  • FKM = Inox, Alu, PVDF – temperature range -20°C to +200°C


  • EPDM – temperature range -40°C to +160°C
  • MVQ / Silicone Elastomer – temperature range -60°C to +250°C
  • NBR Low Temp – temperature range -50°C to +100°C
  • FFKM – temperature range -40°C to +315°C

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