Benefit from cost advantages!

System costs

Imagine you want to connect containers in a multi-tank system in a flexible manner. This needs to be done so that the tube sections can be easily removed if inspections are required.
The figure here provides you with a comparison; at the top there is a solution using SERTO unions, which enable a connection to straight tubes in the shortest possible way. The tube sections can be removed from the system in a radial manner. The customary cone unions are used at the bottom. These tube sections are bent in several places so that they can be pulled to one side.

In the example shown, you will benefit from 70 % shorter tubing without any bending effort by using SERTO unions. In the case of a 22 mm tube, this corresponds to a saving of approximately 75 %. In addition, it is also much easier to replace a straight tube section in the event of a repair. Furthermore, you will also benefit from improved flow rates.

Design costs

SERTO is able to provide CAD data for all unions free of charge. You can download the data in neutral or user-specific formats from our CAD library; the link to this can be found on our homepage or in the Online Shop. Whether you are looking for 2D or 3D data, all formats are free of charge.

You no longer need to shape the individual parts yourself, meaning you can save precious time during the design process. In addition, you will always have accurate data that is up-to-date. Transmission errors can be ruled out.

Procurement costs

Imagine you could replace entire unions with small additional parts. SERTO allows you to do this. Our nipples and joints can be used to combine different thread types, and up to two numbers of smaller tubes can be connected to an existing union with our reduction clamping rings. Only a single compression ferrule is required in place of a reducing union. That's how flexible our modular system is.

Do you want to connect an 8 mm tube to a 10 mm union? Compared to a reducing union, up to 80 % can be saved when using a reduction clamping ring! Notwithstanding any additional sealing points.

Storage costs

Imagine you could massively reduce the number of storage spaces. SERTO keeps all catalog items in stock and can send them to you immediately. If a delivery schedule is agreed, these parts are reserved for you and there is no risk of prior sale.

SERTO keeps all catalog items in stock. With the Online Shop you have access to it, your orders leave our factory within a very short time. You keep your stock value low, we take care of a high availability of goods and ability to deliver, so that your assembly does not come to a standstill.