The radial principle

The SERTO radial system is unique. Thanks to this design, the tube connections can be assembled and disassembled in the easiest way. This saves time and money, as all parts can also be used for repeat assembly, seeing that nothing is bent or damaged. Furthermore, the fittings can be easily installed even in the tightest spaces.

Connect and save

The price for a tube system is determined by 3 factors: the fittings, the tube and the assembly time. If the tube system has to be dismantled, with SERTO you can save 30 % of the costs due to the inverse sealing function of SERTO clamping ring screw fittings.

Elimination of the body cone

With all common tube fittings, the tube is inserted into the body of the fitting and is sealed with a cone-shaped clamping/cutting ring. SERTO also uses cones, but in contrast to all other tube fittings, this is not in the body of the fitting, but rather in the nut. This results in the great advantage that the seal of the clamping ring to the body of the screw fitting is by means of a plane surface. Components which are included in a tube system can therefore be radially removed from the system.

Increased safety and time saving

For dismantling or reassembly, only the nuts of the relevant screw fitting need to be loosened. The component can be removed without bending the tube or loosening other sealing points. In contrast, with conical screw fittings, the tubes are inserted into the body, which prevents easy removal. In some cases, several sealing points must be opened and then screwed back together and sealed. For more rapid assembly, the tubes can be pre-assembled with a nut and clamping ring and inserted radially into the piping network. This is also not possible with a conical screw fitting.

Utilise the SERTO advantage even at the construction stage

The replaceable connection of two containers can also be implemented with a conical fitting. For this, the tube must make a 180° bend, so that the assembly can be removed to one side (1). With SERTO screw fittings, the containers are connected directly by the shortest route (2). This means shorter tubes, no work for the tube benders and better flow rates. In addition, a straight replacement tube is far easier to obtain than a specially bent tube.

Conical fitting

Removable tube system with conical fittings


  • costs for tube bending
  • longer tubes
  • reduced KV value

SERTO fitting

Removable tube system with SERTO fittings

Your benefit:

  • shortest possible connection
  • minimum costs
  • optimum KV value

More tubes in the same space

Because with SERTO the tubes do not penetrate into the body of the fitting, but rather are only in front of it, the body can be one or two spanner sizes smaller than with a conical fitting. If the body is smaller, so are the nuts. The few millimetres which are saved make a big difference. More tubes can be installed in parallel in the same space.

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