SERTO modular

SERTO components can be combined like the elements in a building block set. The basic elements of our standard programme are straight unions, male adaptors with various threads, elbows, panel and banjo unions as well as L, T and cross unions. Together with connecting parts from SERTO, innumerable, individual, compact solutions with metal-to-metal seals are available for prompt delivery.

Connection option 1

(illustration left outlet)

Connecting part replaces the compression ferrule – instead of the standard compression ferrule use

  • Reduction compression ferrule, in order to reduce by up to 2 dimensions
  • Plug, to temporarily close off the line
  • Tube stub, as replacement for a short tube section

Connection option 2

(illustration bottom outlet)

Connecting part replaces compression ferrule and union nut – instead of nut and compression ferrule use

  • Male adaptor, to change to other thread types and sizes
  • Female adaptor, to change to other thread types and sizes, as well as from external to internal thread

Connection option 3

(illustration right outlet)

Connecting part is mounted on the SERTO standard connection and acts as a tube – in addition to the SERTO standard connection use

  • Hose nozzle, to connect a hose
  • Adjustable nipples with an imitation tube socket for an adjustable connection
  • Reduction unions, to connect smaller tube diameters

Example of a cross union with 4 different outlets

left - reducing compression ferrule
bottom - female adaptor
right - standard connection
top - male adaptor

Possible applications of the SERTO modular system

Simple tube connections with reducing compression ferrules

Flexible tube connections with adaptors

Efficient tube connections with adjustable parts