SERTO connection principle

SERTO unions consist of a base part, compression ferrule, connection nut and stiffener sleeve. We recommend the stif-fener sleeves for thin-walled tubes and plastic hoses because they stabilise the tube inner wall and provide enough resi-stance for necking.

In contrast to products from other suppliers, where the nut and the base part interlock conically, SERTO unions seal on the flat metal surfaces that are pressed together.

SERTO offers compression ferrule unions with a metal-to-metal seal and radial mounting. The unbeatable advantages of this union are:

  • The sleek design enables installations even where space is limited. SERTO unions require one wrench size smaller for the same pressure loads and tube dimensions, which means you can fit more unions in a smaller space.
  • With our radially mountable unions, maintenance work is made considerably easier. You save time and money.
  • Due to our metal flat sealing concept, we don’t use any sealing materials that can age over time.
  • Compression ferrule unions will not damage tubes and hoses.