Valves and shut-off valves


Available in

  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • steel
  • PVDF
  • PA


Valve types

• regulating valve, elbow regulating valve
• fine regulating valve, elbow fine regulating valve
• taper seat non-return valve
• needle valve
• stop cock
• ball valve
• total-flow cock

Characteristics, speciality

• high integrity and compactness
• excellent KV values
• lowest turbulences
• perfect flow characteristics
• highest resistance to corrosion
• large range of materials and methods of sealing
• compact construction
• long service life


For opening and closing lines, dosing, regulation of flows and control of the flow directions.

Nominal pressure PN

Depending on material 10 to 400 bar, details see product tables (safety factor 3)

Temperature range

Depending on material of valve and seals -40°C to -180°C, details see product tables

Tubes to use

Tolerance-maintaining tubes and hoses with clean surface and uniform wall thickness.