Unions brass M – SO 4..

 (metric nut connection)

Universal and indestructible

  • unions, valves, couplings
  • Ø 2 to 35 mm
  • max. 250 bar
  • -196°C to +180°C
  • for non-aggressive to slightly aggressive air, gases, liquids and oils in a non-aggressive environment, e.g. in machine building (lubrication, cooling etc.)


Characteristics, speciality

• easy and fast to install
• compact size
• extensive range
• many combination possibilities
• M = connection nut with metric thread
  (M and G are not interchangeable)


Brass CW 617N (CuZn40Pb2), surface ist pickled

Nominal pressure PN

16 to 250 bar, details see product tables (safety factor 4)

Temperature range

-196°C to+180°C

Leak rate with helium

10-8 mbar • l/s
(when professionally assembed; see installation instructions and tubes)


up to 10-4 mbar, higher values are possible

Tubes to use

Tubes of plastic and seamless copper tubes (esp. EN 12449/1057) with clean smooth surface. Tolerance of ouside diameter ± 0.1 mm. Further materials on demand.



Adaptor stem, male thread

British Standard Pipe (BSP) and metric fine thread DIN 3852; tapered form C; thread with sealing form B. NPT-thread according to ANSI B1.20.1.
For sealing of the tapered male adaptor thread we recommend the PTFE tape AC 840/841 or Loctite 5061.

Pressure coefficient % of PN

Other products in brass M



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