Female adaptor (AD FA 80)Male adaptor R (AD HN 40)Male adaptor hose nozzle (SO 50511)

Available in

  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • PVDF
  • PA


Adaptor types

  • male adaptors
  • female adaptors
  • weld-on nipples
  • Hexagonal counter nut
  • screw plugs and hexagonal caps
  • male adaptor hose nozzles
  • female elbows and tees

Characteristics, speciality

  • simple connecting pieces with internal/external threads and hose nozzles
  • various threads (R, NPT, G)
  • large number of design types
  • many possible combinations


Flexible connection solution

Nominal pressure PN

For low to medium pressure

Temperature range

Depending on material and operational area

Tubes to use

Tolerance complying tubes and hoses with clean surface and uniform wall thickness.