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Assembly training

If you are assembling SERTO unions for the first time, our assembly training is just the thing for you. One of our field sales representatives will show you how to correctly assemble SERTO unions on your premises. After that you can compress brass or stainless steel compression ferules manually or with the aid of machinery. You will learn what to pay attention to during assembly and why each individual step is important. You will also be shown tricks and given hints to make assembly even safer and more efficient. This gives you confidence in the use of our unions. After the training you will receive a handout for reference and a certificate that you will be able to attribute as a training measure within the framework of your ISO 9001 activity.

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Do several colleagues or whole departments want to see our products or meet our contacts? Arrange an appointment and provide us with a room. Our field sales representatives will handle the rest: they will take care of all preparations, invitations, setting up the exhibition etc. in order to carry out the exhibition, the presentation as well as the follow-up, dispatching informative materials and arranging further appointments. Our staff travel with plenty of illustrative materials: with unions in various geometries and materials, with valves and couplings and with many customer-specific modules, which provide insight into the scope of our products and services.

Hold the different products and materials in your hands, compare the weights of stainless steel and aluminium. Take a look at our modular model and see how many connection options SERTO can provide. Or unscrew our model gas tank and compare the cone seal type with a SERTO compression ferrule fitting. Experience our products instead of reading or hearing about them.

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