Measurement and control technology

Focal point: Jacoflon hoses

Flexible connection tubes are often required for measurements of aggressive media subject to high pressure. The Jacoflon hose is perfectly suited for this application, with its PTFE inner core and stainless steel mesh and connections. The smallest diameter for pressure measurements and analyses or tubes up to 1 inch are possible for media transport purposes.

PressurePressures less than 300 bar
Temperature- 60 ° C to + 250 ° C
MediumGases, air, water, acids, alkalis
SERTO ProductsStainless steel, PTFE
ApplicationsSensors, analysers, control units


Examples of use with SERTO products

Measurement devices for temperature, pressure and flow rate
Stainless steel unions and tubes

Gas analyser
Brass unions and Jacoflon hose

Measuring conductors for a wind tunnel
Stainless steel unions and valves, hoses

Transportable gas analyser
Stainless steel distribution block with unions and valves