Machinery and plant construction

Focal point: SERTO modules

There are many different applications for SERTO products in machinery and plant construction. The deep and broad range of SERTO products reliably caters for all requirements. These include different materials, plastics and metals, as well as sizes in the standard range from 2 to 35 mm in some cases. Whatever it is that is important for you, weight, resistance, pressure, temperature, approvals: we have the right product to meet your needs. A common factor in all of the product ranges is our modular system. Unions and additional parts can be combined together in a wide variety of ways, suited to your own customised solution. All metallic unions have an internal stop. This tightening limit stop ensures safe assembly.

PressurePressures mostly less than 250 bar, also up to 400 bar in special high pressure applications
TemperatureRoom temperature in excess of +100°C
MediumWater, oil. air, gases, aggressive media
SERTO Products

All materials

ApplicationsPumps, compressors, large diesel engines, presses, processing machines


Examples of use with SERTO products

Cooling system for lasers and vacuum systems
Brass unions, valves and distribution rails

Mould spraying tools
Aluminium unions and pre-assembled tubes

Hobbing machine
Brass unions and bent tubes

Nuclear research
Stainless steel unions