Dosing system

Focal point: Compact design

Dosing systems can be found in many industries; chemicals as well as food or process water are dosed. The radial system from SERTO provides the ideal conditions for a space-saving design that is easy to assemble/dismantle. Our customers particular value the ease of operation of our valves and balls, the reliability of the pressure-dependent opening and closing points and the tightness of the components used. When all of the individual components are perfectly matched and tubes are properly processed, handled and installed in accordance with our instructions, SERTO unions can achieve leak rates of up to 10-9 mbar l/s. This corresponds to the loss of a single drop of water (1 cm3) in 30 years.


Pressures less than 100 bar

TemperatureRoom temperature up to +100°C
MediumChemicals, condensate, saturated steam, gases, water
SERTO ProductsStainless steel, brass, PVDF
ApplicationsDosing systems, dosing pumps, spray systems, lubricating systems, odourisation systems, adhesive technology


Examples of use with SERTO products

Dosing system for hard and soft sugar production
Stainless steel unions, ball valves and tubes

Fresh water dosing in a sweeper
Dosing valves and brass unions

Dosing system in water treatment
PVDF unions, stop cocks and check valves