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Focal point: Metallic sealing

SERTO provides a metallic seal when connecting tubes together, regardless of which material they are made from. SERTO unions achieve extremely low leak rates regardless of the temperature and media used. This is because they do not use soft sealing materials, which can harden or settle.

This is a particular advantage over longer periods and when used in extreme temperatures. The usual standard for an industrial seal is defined as a leak rate of 10-6 mbar l/s. All of SERTO's metallic products use the much higher level of 10-8 mbar l/s. When all of the individual components are perfectly matched and tubes are properly processed, handled and installed in accordance with instructions, SERTO unions can achieve leak rates of up to 10-9 mbar l/s. This exceeds the industrial standard by a factor of 1000. SERTO unions are therefore the correct choice for several applications.

PressurePressures less than 100 bar
Temperature-196°C up to max. +950°C

Oil, gases, water

SERTO ProductsStainless steel, brass, aluminium
ApplicationsTemperature control units, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, cryotechnology


Examples of use with SERTO products

Systems for cryogenic, liquefied gases
Stainless steel and brass unions

Engine test bed
Stainless steel thermal sensor unions

Cooling lines in an aerobatic aircraft
Aluminium unions and tubes

Water cooling system in gas analysers
Brass unions and steel ball valves