Semiconductors / Lasers

Focal point: Cleaning

Products for the semiconductor industry have stringent requirements with regard to cleanliness. SERTO is able to offer special cleaning options for this purpose: We clean the union components in an ultrasound bath (US), stainless steel and electroplated tubes in a special cleaning system to remove oil/grease and other residues. The parts are individually packed in pouches in our certified cleanroom (ISO 8) to ensure they remain clean until they are installed.

PressureStandard: pressures less than 10 bar
Product dependent: up to 500 bar
TemperatureStandard: ambient temperature up to approx. +100°C
Product dependent: -70°C to +260°C
MediumWater, air, gases         
SERTO ProductsProcess media: primarily stainless steel, Selection, occasionally PVDF.
Cooling applications: Brass and chemically nickel-plated brass
ApplicationsOptics, laser systems, gas treatment


Examples of use with SERTO products

Cleaning chamber for wafer transport box
PVDF unions and distribution rails, PFA hoses

Cooling system for lasers and vacuum systems
Brass unions, valves and distribution rails

Tube with orbtial-welded SERTO Selection connection