Food industry

Focal point: Approvals / suitable material

Approvals govern the stringent requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in food manufacturing, processing, drinking water preparation and filling in the food industry. All parts that come into contact with media must be cleaned in a reliable manner and may be disinfected where applicable. We offer our customers suitable materials for use with food (e.g. low-lead and/or lead-free brass or stainless steel) and relevant approvals (FDA and Regulation (EC) 1935/2004) in order to ensure maximum safety for their applications.

PressurePressures less than 10 bar
TemperatureRoom temperature in excess of +100°C
MediumWater, gases, foods
SERTO Products

Primarily brass and stainless steel


Food manufacturing and processing, coffee machines


Examples of use with SERTO products

Dosing system for hard and soft sugar production
Stainless steel unions, ball valves and tubes

Pressure vessel for an espresso machine
Pre-assembled tubes with brass unions and bent copper tubes

Process tubes for chocolate glazing
Stainless steel unions and tubes

Connection of pump and pressure switch in coffee machines
Brass unions