Environmental technology

Focal point: Safety

In addition to water, acids and alkalis are also added or removed in water treatment, recycling or other environmental applications. All SERTO materials are used here. Each union is assembled the same way, regardless of the size or material in question. Always assembled using 1 ¾ rotations, the components are securely tight up to the rated pressure subject to a four-fold safety factor. (for further details, please consult the catalogue information)

PressurePressures less than 100 bar
TemperatureRoom temperature up to +100°C
MediumWater, gases, acids, alkalis
SERTO ProductsStainless steel, PVDF, brass

Water treatment, sewage treatment plant, waste incineration, recycling


Examples of use with SERTO products

Media distribution in pump unit in a test device
PVDF unions, couplings, distributors and stainless steel valves

Analyser for air pollutant measurements
PVDF and PA unions


Systems used to increase agricultural yield
Stainless steel unions and valves

Pressure compensation system on batteries in a submarine
PVDF unions and hoses