Energy / Photovoltaic system / Power electronics

Focal point: Compatibility of materials

The power density of current electronic systems can no longer be air-cooled. Water cooling is required here. SERTO is able to offer the right material suited to the applications in question; PVDF, which is non-electrically conducting and stable at high frequency, is ideal for cooling with pure water, with stainless steel the choice for thermally loaded applications and aluminium the choice for cooling plates. 


Pressures primarily less than 10 bar


-196°C up to max. +200°C


Water, gases, natural gas

SERTO Products

Primarily PVDF, stainless steel and aluminium

ApplicationsPower generation and distribution, frequency conversion, fuel cells, power electronics, semiconductors, lasers, coating, photovoltaic systems


Examples of use with SERTO products

Natural gas filling stations
Stainless steel SOL unions and valves

Hydrogen generators
Stainless steel unions, ball valves and Jacoflon hoses

Heat pump powered by waste heat
Brass unions, copper and stainless steel tubes

Cooling of dry-insulated choke coils
Stainless steel and PVDF unions, FEP tubes and bend clips