Chemicals / Pharmaceutical

Focal point: Chemical and thermal resistances

Gases, chemicals and pharmaceutical products are transported, portioned, measured, tempered and filled. The tubes and containers must be cleaned of all residues in these media. SERTO products can come into contact as unions, couplings, valves, hoses and tubes. They are exposed to low pressure levels, but they are subject to a wide temperature range. Chemical and thermal resistances are the upmost important for our customers. Our stainless steel and PVDF products, which are highly resistant, are ideal for these applications. They ensure corrosion resistance and excellent safety, even when coming into contact with aggressive chemicals. Thanks to our special cleaning options, we can supply our products with oil and grease-free surfaces (< 33 mg/m² TOC in accordance with ASTM G93, Stage B).


Pressures less than 10 bar


-196°C up to max. +200°C


Chemicals, condensate, saturated steam, gases, water

SERTO Products

Primarily PVDF and stainless steel, also brass in sterilisers
ApplicationsChemical and drug manufacturing, bio-reactors, sterilisers, diagnostic and healing tools, dialysis, laboratory equipment, analysis, testing and measurement devices


Examples of use with SERTO products

Pump unit in a test device
PVDF unions, couplings, distributors and stainless steel valves

Fermenter plant for biocultures
Brass and stainless steel unions


Bioreactor for vaccine production
Stainless steel unions, distribution rails, Jacoflon hoses

Process tubes in agrochemistry
Stainless steel unions and bent tubes