Social responsibility

SERTO Code of Conduct

As a global company with Swiss roots, we are confronted with a wide variety of laws, conditions and influences. This code of conduct governs how we do our business and interact with one another and our business partners. We believe that every employee at every level will comply with all relevant legislation and rules, even if they are not explicitly mentioned in this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct


Apprenticeship training

SERTO is committed in many ways. In addition to protecting the environment and resources, our fellow human beings and especially our employees are an important aspect of our corporate policy. They are important investments in our future. In Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and Kassel, Germany, we train office clerks, computer scientists, design engineers and logistics specialists. Contact with young people is important to us because they are our future.

Foundation Sonnenhalde

The Sonnenhalde Foundation in M├╝nchwilen, about 15 km from Frauenfeld, is a competence centre for people with severe multiple impairments and severely restricted mobility. The foundation supports the residents in leading as normal and self-determined a life as possible. SERTO donations are used to make new acquisitions and investments that maintain or improve the quality of life of the residents.


Kasseler Tafel

SERTO GmbH supports the Kasseler Tafel as part of the Christmas campaign. For more than 20 years, the Kasseler Tafel has been helping people according to a simple principle: goods that are still of impeccable quality but can no longer be sold are collected from supermarkets and specialist food stores in the region and distributed free of charge or for a symbolic amount to those in need. Nationwide about 1.5 million people use this offer, one third of them are children and teenagers. The large number of refugees has more than doubled the number of people at some of the tables in the last two years. The donations are used to finance expenses for transport, storage and distribution of food.

Murghof Workshops

The sheltered workshop Murghof in Frauenfeld carries out orders for SERTO Ltd for articles that are not economical or practical to machine. These orders are filled in a consistent quality, on time and at attractive prices. In this way, we promote the professional rehabilitation and integration of mentally disabled people. We also support Murghof with donations.