SERTO as an employer

SERTO is an owner-managed, successful Swiss SME with over 250 employees at 8 locations in Europe and China. We are a member of SWISSMEM and are subject to the CLA of the machine, electrical and metal industry (valid for Switzerland).

Thanks to the entrepreneurial freedom of an independent company, we can think strategically for the long term. Through continuous investment and innovation in products, services and infrastructure, we want to ensure the long-term development of SERTO.

A strong and positive corporate culture is a strategic success and competitive advantage of SERTO and is lived at all hierarchical levels. Open and honest communication as well as respectful dealings with one another are important for this. We are loyal to our employees and partners, treat people with great esteem and treat resources with care.

Through a culture of trust, we grant our employees the necessary freedom within the framework of our strategic goals so that they can perform their tasks in a motivated and independent manner. We offer our employees a very attractive working environment with above-average social benefits in a still familiar environment. Modern, spacious workplaces are just as much a matter of course for us as direct employee participation in the success of the company.

We would be delighted if you would like to accompany us into the future.

Your management of the SERTO Group

Management of the SERTO Group

SERTO mission statement

  • We ensure continuity in relationships with customers, suppliers and employees as an independent, autonomous company.
  • Our actions are market-orientated and entrepreneurial. We develop high-quality products with sustainable benefits.
  • We encourage the initiative and abilities of all employees by formulating clear objectives, delegating responsibilities and opportunities to apply skills, and by continued training.
  • We are growing in international markets in which we are often recommended for our outstanding value for money and high delivery capability.
  • We invest in the necessary equipment to guarantee modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly production.
  • We are committed to complying with legal and binding obligations to protect our employees, customers, our society and the environment.
  • We are open, objective and tolerant. We mutually respect and support each other.

Gender equality

Gender equality is not only a concept for us on paper, it has also been implemented in a proven way. Equal pay for men and women at the company was again confirmed to us by Landolt & M├Ąchler Consulting.

Equal pay certificate