Content - Stainless Steel L high pressure

Stainless Steel L for high pressure
SOL 5....

For high pressures up to 400 bar

  • Unions, valves
  • Ø 6 - 18 mm
  • max. 400 bar
  • -196°C to +300°, up to +600°C on request
  • for aggressive air, gases, liquids and oils in an aggressive environment
  • e.g. in semiconductors, off-shore, CNG, pharmaceuticals + biotechnology

- high pressure resistance
- easy, robust assembly due to tightening limitation
- corrosion resistant
- compact design
- very good resistance to vibration

Stainless steel 1.4571 (≈ 316 Ti),
alloy X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2, DIN EN 10088-3

Nominal pressure PN (stat.)
200 - 400 bar; for details, see product tables (safety factor 4)

Temperature range
-196°C to +300°C, up to +600°C on request

Leak rate with helium
10-8 mbar • l/s
when professionally assembed; see installation instructions and tubes

10-6 mbar

Tubes to use
Sstainless steel seamless precision tubes (to DIN EN 10216-5/EN ISO 1127) with clean smooth surface. Tolerance of outer diameter ± 0.1 mm. See also chapter on tubes and hoses. Further materials on demand.

2.2 per EN 10204 , incl. materials specification


Adaptor stem, threads
British Standard Pipe (BSP) and metric fine thread DIN 3852; tapered form C; thread with sealing form B. NPT-thread according to ANSI/B1.20.1.

Pressure coefficient in % of PN