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PA Program (polyamide)
SO 3....

The ideal range for measuring and regulating

  • Unions, valves
  • Ø 4 - 12 mm
  • max. 10 bar
  • -40°C to +80°C
  • for non-aggressive air, gases and liquids in a non-aggressive environment
  • e.g. in industrial equipment manufacturing

Characteristics, speciality
- easy and fast to install
- advantageous price
- combinations possible with unions of brass, steel and stainless steel
- extensive range

The main field of applications is pneumatic tubing. Should not be subjected to direct sunlight.

Moulded body, union nut and ferrule are made of heat-stabilized grey polyamide 6.6.

Nominal pressure PN
10 bar at +23°C (safety factor 3)

Temperature range
-40°C to +80°C

Tubes to use
True-to-tolerance tubes and hoses with clean surface and uniform wall thickness. See also chapter on tubes and hoses.

Pressure coefficent % of PN