Content - Hose nipples

Hose nipples

The simplest, space-saving and economical connection

  • Ø 1,5 - 6 mm
  • for non-aggressive air, gases, liquids and oils in a non-aggressive environment
  • e.g. in logistics and miniature pneumatic systems, measuring and regulating technology

Characteristics, specialities
- simple hose connections
- space-saving
- inexpensive
- made of brass, robust construction
- substantially greater flow cross-section compared with the same article in plastic

For logic systems, miniature pneumatic systems, gauging and regulating systems, laboratories, control panels etc.

Soft PVC tubing. Also rubber, polyurethane or soft polyamide tubing is suitable, provided that the material is sufficiently elastic to stretch for an adequate length of time without suffering damage.

Nickel plated brass

Nominal pressure PN
Up to PN 6. The relevant operating pressure will depend on the tube used. Under high load conditions or where the natural tube tension is insufficient, additional fixures, e.g. hose clips, may be necessary.